Electric Dragster For Sale


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1. ( 2 ) 12" GE DC motors with banded comms in perfect condition, coupled together inline.
This car is set up to run at 336 volts using 1 controller and 1 battery pack for each motor.

2. The last batteries we used were Johnson Controls lead acid, but are no longer available.
Using some of the new high powered batteries available today could easily double the power
and all the components of the car "should" take twice the horse power.

3. Racing Powerglide transmission with manual shift, turbo input shaft, Dedenbear aluminum
case, can run as 1 or 2 speed and with or w/o torque converter.

4. Ford 9" rear end with spool, full floating hubs, aluminum carrier. There are 3 different
ratios, one for 1/4 mile, one for 1/8 mile, one for top end racing.

5. The chassis is a 258 inch wheel base, 100% chrome-moly frame, built for blown alcohol it
has run over 250 mph.

6. All aluminum body with carbon fiber nose.

7. Like new paint and graphics.

8. Two complete sets of rear wheels and tires. (different sizes)

9. Two parachutes.

10. Rear wing.

11. Wheelie bar.

12. Two separate battery boxes with battery heaters and heater control unit.

13. Adjustable rev limiter.

14. ( 4 ) Bubba contactors for safety disconnect with latching system for energizing.

15. Auto Meter tachometer, two volt meters, two amp meters.

16. Car can be purchased with or w/o the two 350 volt 1800 amp Zilla controllers with
key pad programmer.

There is also a good trailer that will be available too.

The trailer is a Chaparral style 5th wheel that tows like a dream, it has:

Full rear door/ramp for loading, hydraulic docking, walk in side door, work bench, grinder,
parts washer with pump, storage cabinets on both sides, air compressor, Onan 6.5
generator, inside/outside lights, built in water and fuel tanks, storage over 5th wheel,
4 wheel electric brakes, mag wheels with spare, one piece roof with vents.

After racing cars and motorcycles for more than 50 years I think I'm going to retire, this is
the last racing vehicle I own and would like to sell it to someone that will continue to push
the envelope, however if the new owner lives close by I would love to help out with the
future of the car.
With new batteries on the horizon it is just a matter of time before this car will be ready
to set new records.
This car enabled me to be only the second person ever to receive an NHRA competition
racing license driving an ELECTRIC drag vehicle. ( 9.99 seconds and quicker )
After much time and hard work from myself and my partner Ken Koch the car performed
very well the last couple of years that we raced, running many 9 second runs in the quarter,
and running the second quickest time ever in an electric vehicle at 9.44 seconds and
135 mph at a Woodburn race a couple of years ago.
One of our best accomplishments was to beat Dennis Berube in a heads up match race at
Woodburn and the ONLY other electric vehicle to do so, he's a hard guy to beat, it doesn't
happen often, but with new batteries look out!!!

Race car as listed w/o Zilla controllers.....$13,000

Car with controllers...........$20,000

Trailer as listed........$10,000

After car and trailer are gone there might be a Ford diesel crew cab dually for sale also.

Jim Ludiker

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